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Favorite tunes and party photos with lawfirms

New music from the best DJ 

We love listening to the best new music online. There are many sources out there for finding new music spotify is our favorite. Pandora seems like it has not keep up with the times. Recently Apple released it’s music program. At first there was a lot of bad press about how they were not paying artist’s for their trial version they had. We have not heard of any lawsuits come up from this but it is probably not likely. So deadmaus is one of our favorite music producers and his new album is amazing. Go and listen to it right now.

NYC Party photos with lawyers

Have you ever been to a party with a lawyer? If you did boy would we like to know about the series of events that took place. We like to image that they would still be wearing their suits. They would probably talk about how they love New York City because they fit in so well. If you are not sure what we are talking about, take a walk in NYC and you will get our drift. They would most likely all posed around taking event photographs of eachother. On the ride home one of the lawyers is surely to get injured in a car accident and need to call his attorney friend to represent him in his case. The fine man would if he was not so busy dealing with his son’s risperdol lawsuit. The most horrible part of the story is the injury case ended up turning into a bair hugger lawsuit. This happened during his stay at the hospital. And that is how lawfirms party.

lawyers meetin